A couple years ago I noticed what looked like a smiley face on an overly-seasoned snack chip. That curious discovery led to an endless search for other food that looks like stuff.

Welcome to my collection.
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Happy PubMix Guy
Found in a bag of Utz PubMix. He sat on the windowsill in my office over a cooling unit. Because of the frequent changes in air temperature, he developed a serious skull fracture to the left temperal lobe. He did not make it through the summer, but he’s remembered now as the one who started the Food That Looks Like Stuff craze.

Weeble Tomato Guy
Mr. Weeble came to me in a bag of home-grown tomatoes given to me by a colleague. His bottom began to dimple and he soon was unable to stand on his own. Weebles wobble and they DO fall down.

Yummy Yammy, The Elephant Man
Found this face in a yam from dinner. Random fork stabs happened to
give Elephant Man a set of eyes.

Meatloaf for Brains
Yummy Yammy accompanied this brain-like meatloaf.
As gross as it looks, it was quite tasty.

Kitty Cat Face
Dave found this kitty cat sleeping in his ice cream.

Garlic Knot Mitten
Submitted by colleague Jason Slipp. Taken with a camera phone, so it appears much larger than it actually was.

The Chip with Heart
Long forgotten in a kitchen cabinet (awaiting its submission to the site), this chip is eight months old. It’s remarkable to me that it withstood changes in temperature over the months and never showed signs of wearing down. Preservatives will kill us all.

Carrot Love
Reader Brad Price submitted this shot of two carrots in a loving embrace. Spooning isn’t just for humans anymore.

Bagel #9

Reader Heather Simoneau submitted this picture of a numeric and tasty bagel she found in a package of Thomas’ bagels.

heart potatoes heart potatoes 2
Two of Hearts
Husband and wife team, Maryann and Frank Karweta submitted two potatoes
they really loved. Until they killed them and had potato salad. RIP heart-y potatoes!
Part of a Heart-y Breakfast
Reader Heather Simoneau submitted what at first glance appears to be a heart. That was until alert reader BigNerd suggested turning the pan handle from the 9:30 position to the 11 o’clock position. What do you see now?“Rubber ducky, you’re the one! You make bath time lots of fun!” Thanks, BigNerd. This one’s a two-fer!

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