Seems this is a big weekend for Poopy Heads. Google has just changed the way people can leave comments on blogs hosted on Blogger, such as this one. I’m not happy with this change and it’s made me seriously consider moving to another blogging platform.

Until I decide what to do, I thought I’d at least announce what happened and explain all the commenting options now in place.

Why is Google a Poopy Head?

When leaving comment, no longer can you click on the Other option and enter your name and URL back to your own blog. They’ve replaced that field with Nickname, which only allows you to type your name. Poopy Head Move #1.

The old way was much more user-friendly and gave you a way to easily link me and my readers back to your blog.

What to do?

Commenters WITH Google accounts may still login with their Google User ID and password to leave a comment. But when the comment is posted, people will get a link to your profile (not your blog). I know, that stinks. Poopy Head move #2.

Commenters WITHOUT Google accounts have several options, none I like very much. Big Giant Collective Poopy Head Move.

1. Create a Google account and just use it for commenting. This method also means you can check the box to be notified by email of responses to comments.

2. Choose the Nickname field and just enter your name. Simple enough, if you just want to leave your name behind.

3. Enter your blog’s URL below your comment. It’s a poor substitute for the old method, but at least it means anyone who wants to visit your site can copy and paste it (or type it) into a browser URL field to get there. It will not be clickable!!!

A pain, I know, but this is probably the easiest option if you want to display your blog address. (Read on for how to make it a clickable link).

4. Click the drop-down arrow next to “Sign-in using:” and choose one of the services listed if you have an account with one of them. Enter the information it requests (assuming you know it — not all users will).

5. You can still click Anonymous, if you prefer.

Yeah, but what if I really, really, really want to leave a clickable link to my blog in your comments? No problem. You just have to enter your blog’s address in this format:

<a href=””>Text to Display</a>

Of course, you would replace the “yourblogname” part with your blog’s address, and replace “Text to Display” with whatever you want the link to read.

I’ve done this myself and it takes just a few times to memorize the format. You could also keep a little text file handy with your code already formatted. Just copy and paste into your comment and you’re off. Go ahead and copy the above text and practice it by leaving me a comment and a link to your blog!

If you have any questions, or if you just want to complain about this new system, drop a comment in the drawer. Oh, how we love to complain here! It’s good therapy.

UPDATE: Google has rescinded this change. Read about it here. Sorry, Google. Too little, too late.

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