lamb A friend emailed me today about how she acquired a particularly nasty virus that rendered her computer unusable. Let this be a warning about where you can pickup bad things on the interwebz.


She had just gotten back from a wonderful trip to the UK. She reports:

It’s a funny story really. There were so many baby lambs in England and we got to bottle-feed one. So, last night before I left for home, I Googled videos of bottle-feeding baby lambs because I missed all the lambs. There were a ton of cute baby lamb videos. I found a whole Web site of baby lamb videos called Ewe-Tube.

While on that site, I accidentally clicked on an ad that gave me the virus. I could tell right away that something was wrong because it started downloading files to my computer. Ctrl-Alt-Del wouldn’t even work. It’s just occurred to me that baby lamb is redundant. Anyway, who would think that baby lambs could be harmful? What kind of a sicko puts a virus on a baby lamb Web site?

I agree. What kind of sicko does that? I say viruses should be limited to stupid places people visit on the web, like porn sites and … well, just porn sites. Not baby lamb sites. The baby lambs don’t want to hurt you. They want to love you and wrap their cuteness around you and give you lamby kisses and hugs. More if you bottle-feed them.

Lambies good, viruses baaaaaa-d!

Don’t even go to that Ewe-tube site, even out of curiosity. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting a comp-ewe-ter virus.

God. Remember when the Internet was free of crap and spam and viruses and spyware and junk? It should just be full of baby lambs and cotton candy and rainbows.

And our blogs.

So let’s hear it. Have you ever picked up a virus from a place you least expected it? Share your horror stories. It might make my friend feel better.

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