Baby-TextingZach: Dude, where u at?

Dylan: My crib

Zach: Yo. UR house?

Dylan: Yea but no. I mean my actual crib.

Zach: U ain’t up yet?

Dylan: Ruf nite. No sleep.

Zach: Sup?

Dylan: Batteries dying on my teddy. Makes a racket til you change ‘em.

Zach: Dude?

Dylan: You know, the batteries go and the guy beeps and talks gibberish. Doesn’t yours?

Zach: I don’t even have a talking bear. U suck. So listen. U heading to park later?

Dylan: Can’t. Nana’s today.

Zach: Which one?

Dylan: The awesome one who knits me the bitchin’ booties.

Zach: Yea, remember ur Converse ones. Dude. Awesome.

Dylan: Heh, yea those help with the ladies. Picked up a cutie at mommy n me class once.

Zach: I remember her. Chrissy, right. She’s hot. Cept her diaper wasn’t doing her any favors.

Dylan: Like yours are? U always look like your carrying a load. Why do u wear them so low?

Zach: Man its the look.

Dylan: See it isn’t. U look like a fool with a saggy crotch. Makes U crawl stupid.

Zach: I crawl awesome. I won a race once.

Dylan: Oh man. Mom’s on the move. Gotta run. Trying to feed me solids now. I kinda miss milk. Do you?

Zach: U kidding? UR such a baby. I’m chewin’ now. Nom nom carrots!

Dylan: Catch you later. Text you after my second nap. Prob 4 or so, K?

Zach: K. Headin to park. I’ll let you know if Chrissy’s there. Heh.

Dylan: Don’t even

Zach: I think she’ll like my saggy diaper. Might even share my paci with her.

Dylan: Gross. Seriously dude. Hands off.

Zach: Tell ur mom I said yo.

Dylan: Yo to the mom.

Zach: Later dude.

Dylan: Later.

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