This is what it’s come to:


This is a Post-It note, stuck to a blanket on our couch.

It’s there to warn descending buttocks that a cat is sleeping under it.

Our cat Lucky is one of the strangest cats I’ve owned. Since Day 1 of living in our house, he’s always slept under blankets.

Even when it’s hot in the house. I don’t understand how the boy can breathe under there.

This oddity, I will admit, is a bit annoying at times. Whenever he sees you lying down anywhere under a blanket, he must get under there too.

He’ll grab and stab at the blanket until someone lifts it and he can burrow slowly into his cocoon.

Most bothersome is when he does this after I’ve already burritto’d myself up to my neck in a perfect assembly of blankets. Then I have to partially unburrito myself and wait until he’s circled around and found the perfect spot on top of my legs.

Then you know you’re never getting up unless you move the sleeping blob, blankets and all.

Then if you want to get back under, good luck slipping your body back under the new assemblage, now with a cat in it.

A cat who won’t hesitate to let you know how annoyed he is that you’ve upset his 18th hour of beauty sleep today. Because, you know, it’s all about him.

What we do for our pets.


So, where do your weirdo pets like to sleep?

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