I surrender. I’ve been trying to come up with blog posts for the last few weeks and I got nothin’.

Literally nothing.

1.  I bought a new cube fridge for my office. It’ll keep my coffee creamer and lunch nice and cold. Ooooo! Riveting!

2. Some crazy squirrels keep leaving nut shells on my chair on the patio. There are four chairs, but they keep picking the one I sit in. How do they know it’s my chair and why are they messing with me?

3. I have a favorite pair of shorts that are hard to replace. There’s a big hole in the crack and now I can’t be seen in public in them. Not even to check the mailbox. I am sad. I also don’t sew, so don’t even suggest it.

4. I’m almost out of dish detergent.

5. I cleaned the inside of my car’s windshield and not very well. You sort of need octopus arms to do it right.

6. Happy event: As I’m losing weight, going to the gym again, my pants are falling down. Falling down pants are very motivating.

7. I filled my car with gas yesterday and it came to $25.01. Not $25.00 on the nose. The penny over distressed me.

I defy you to come up with anything more boring than this. What is possibly going on in your lives that is less interesting?

I seriously wanna hear it.


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