mcdonalds coffee and biscuitGod bless the 80-year-old cashier workin’ the front line at the McDonald’s I frequent.

I’ve seen her before, always during the morning shift, when McD’s turns into a pickup joint for the over 75 set. It’s full of joking, laughing, and blissfully curmudgeony people.

The cashier is a social butterfly, knows all the regulars’ names, asks about their grandkids and probably loves what she does.

Except what she does is this sort of thing:

Me: Two medium coffees with 10 creamers on the side.
Her: (cutting me off): One medium coffee?

Me: No. Two medium coffees with 10 creamers and a sausage and egg biscuit.

Her: Two medium coffees.

Me: With 10 creamers and the biscuit.

Her: That’ll be $2.12.

Me: You didn’t get the biscuit.

Her: What was that?

Me: The biscuit. Two medium coffees with 10 creamers and a sausage and egg biscuit.

Her: OK, $5.25 then.

I hand her $10 and she gives me back five singles and 75 cents.

I return a dollar. She has no idea why.

She puts the coffee in the carrier and asks "Cream and sugar?"

I mentally drill laser beams through her sweet little head, then say a prayer for her and all the people behind me, because you just know nobody’s gettin’ what they want today.

And then I smile because I firmly believe that the management keeps her on because she loves to see people and people love to see her.

Sometimes familiar faces in friendly places are enough.

That, and checking your order before you leave.

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