So I just finished eating my scrambled egg and cheese breakfast at my desk at work and go looking to reattach the lid on the container I brought it in.

Yeah, no.

It’s not anywhere, but I know it didn’t just get up and leave. I mean, it’s somewhere, right? Did I file it in a drawer? Did I put it in my purse? Did I eat it?

Half an hour later I find it in the garbage, where I put it, because clearly a garbage can is where you put things that are important and that you need again.

Glad container lid

This is probably one of the reasons I never have enough matching lids for containers. Many times I’ve gone to work with containers and lids that have no business being together because I couldn’t find a single matched set.

I’ve used poorly constructed makeshift lids, because I love living on the edge. I’ve wrapped them in foil, despite the risk of content oozage. I’ve put on a close-enough lid and then dug for a rubber band to secure it.  If you have to rubberband a lid to a container, you’re lidding all wrong.

If you throw out lids you need again, you really don’t know what you’re doing and shouldn’t even drive a car or have a job or be responsible for anything.

And now I have to go teach a class on blogging.

That’s right. Students getting their advice from me.

Go ahead. Just let that sink in.

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