Here’s a sampling of some of my most popular stories. These will give you a good idea of what you’ll find in The Junk Drawer. Hope you enjoy them!

card Pick a Card, Any Card: I’m forever late buying and sending greeting cards to my friends and family. But I’m totally awesome at helping others with the chore.

I’m an Idiot: When I was little and looked at black and white pictures, I thought it meant the world had no color in it, that it was literally black and white. Readers chime in with other stupid things they were so sure about.

A Tech Tip from my Cat: A great tech tip, courtesy of my cat’s butt.

bagel9 Food That Looks Like Stuff: Always on the lookout for food that looks like something else. Here’s a breakfast selection, with links to other foods I or my readers found.

You Couldn’t Pay Me to Do That Again: Grade school horrors. Read it and weep. (Article length).

I’m Shaving My Head: You would too if you had hair like mine.

Round and Round We Go: Directionally-challenged much? Here’s how I got lost two tenths of a mile from my house.

My Interview with Remy, the Westminster poodle: She was really annoyed she didn’t win Best in Show.

needleExcuse Me, but That’s Not a Table: Wherein a nurse uses my butt as a table top.

The Grocery Store Walk of Shame: Me and a slippery jar of pickles.

Fresh Baked Memories: If you love the smell of bakeries, take a trip down memory lane with me.


Series Posts:

What’s That Wednesday: A contest I run periodically, where readers guess an object after viewing only a small portion of it. Crowd favorite!

Windy the Stuck Plastic Bag: I’ve been tracking the status of a plastic bag that got stuck in a tree where I work in March, 2008. It’s still there.