Fest signMy husband Dave and I made our pilgrimage to BaconFest in Easton, PA today and it did not disappoint!

We went just as it opened and ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the span of two hours.

Come with me on a tour, won’t you?

Before I got all filled up and bloated, I thought I should have the obligatory pose with the fest’s maple syrup-toting mascot. Oink!


Everywhere you turned – piglets and bacon!


The fest wasn’t all about the food, but yeah, mostly about the food. There were a few oddball gifts you could buy for the bacon lover in your life.



And there were silly little things like vegetables and non-artery-clogging items. Who let them in here?


I’ve got to say these mushrooms looked amazing, though.


Today I learned that bacon knows how to move. These were just some of the many food trucks dotting center square.

Bacon on wheels





For breakfast we headed over to the waffle truck.


We picked Door #1, a waffle topped with caramelized onions, Belgium sugar crystals, maple syrup and BACON. Lots and lots of delicious bacon.


For a snack, we shared large and toasty garlic knots topped with bacon.


For lunch, we split a mind-blowing Nutella, strawberries and bacon crepe, so good I went back for another to take home. A sweet and savory delight!


This thing. My God. This thing. Dave knew right away he had to have the Smoked Pork Parfait: Smoked pork layered between cheesy mashed potatoes and collard greens, then drizzled with BBQ sauce, cheese and bacon!

It put him over the top. He called it dinner and a day. He won’t be eating again until tomorrow. *Meal was larger than it appears.


To satisfy your sweet tooth, there were maple bacon cupcakes, baklava, chocolate-covered bacon strips and jams and jellies of all kinds. I also found bacon biscuits and bacon mini-quiche that I brought home for later.



baklava and bacon strip


Before we left for the long, unbuttoned-pants ride home, we stopped and had our glucose and cholesterol checked. Actually, we didn’t. Rather, we laughed like hyenas, took a picture and kept walking. Limping, really.


Incidentally, only the coolest dogs attend BaconFest.


I’ll end our tour with video of one of the many piglet races scheduled throughout the day. Those poor little piggies, running around sweatin’ like, well, you know. (Sorry, couldn’t get this to embed.)

And they went wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

Hope you enjoyed my bacony tour. If you can get to the fest next year or any year, you must.

Long live bacon!

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